The Colour Project The Colour Project

let's create a more colourful world for all those who live in it

The Colour Project

We are on a mission to create a virtual peer support network that champions positive mental health and breaking down barriers to open communication.

The aim is to empower open and authentic connections between those who seek emotional support and those who would like to listen and understand, in a safe, anonymous, and stigma-free space.

We want to create a more supportive and colourful for all those who live in it - which means all of us. Will you join us?

How it Works

Anonymous text-based support, one-on-one with trained volunteers.

This is the beginning of breaking down barriers and building a community of connections that will translate into a more colourful world. And in the future, our plan is to grow into a wider peer support network, with a collaborative platform beyond one-to-one texting. Are you ready to join us?

The Colour Project is not a counselling service, nor can we promise miracles. What we do know is that the power of supportive peers and a strong community cannot be underestimated. Also - together we can live more colourful lives than we can alone.

Beta Launching Soon

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Our Story

Having experienced helping others through difficult mental health challenges and having personal experiences with anxiety and depression, we came to understand that there was a need for a safe, non-judgemental space where individuals could come for anonymous, day-to-day emotional support. This empowered us to create The Colour Project, where we hope that individuals who have experienced and/or experience the world through black and white lens can come to be supported by peers and the wider community, and to rediscover the beautiful hues that our world can offer.

Join us

We are actively looking for help to bring our vision to life! Currently, we are seeking volunteers for the following positions:

Technical Lead

We are looking for several Tech Leads to join our team in a skills-based volunteering capacity. Please click here for a quick rundown on this role.

Active Listening Specialist

Do you have experience in human services, mental health, and/or crisis management? Or are you simply interested in making a difference in the mental health space? If so, we'd love your participation! In this role, you would be communicating directly with users of The Colour Project platform. Appropriate training will be provided. Please email if you are interested.

Contact us

Questions? Concerns?

Contact Ian or Amanda at hello [AT]